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Tina and I came to Roatan on the Carnival Valor in February '03 with our 3 Sons and Jamie, Louis' wife, and asked a very friendly taxi cab driver to "take us to the beach" and he did. We sat on the beach all day, basking in the sun and taking pictures, while our oldest Son Louis, and his wife, walked around the area and met some of the locals, including resort owners, to get a flavor of this stunning place. Needless to say...
We loved Roatan!
We got back on the ship and went home. I put a picture of Bananarama and West Bay Beach above my desk to remember the lovely time we had as a family. Eight months later, with no notice, Louis came to his Mom and I and said, "Hey Dad, how about going in as partners on a resort in the Caribbean"?  I told him he was nuts.  He explained to me that he had done all the research, had a willing seller, and would love to buy it and move there. I asked "Where?", he said, "On Roatan... the picture you have over your desk". You could have hit me with a brick and been less effective. Well, we certainly did not have all the money to buy this great venture in the Caribbean, but's an American Dream, so I said, "Let's pursue it!"

Being in our fifties and having done well, we were looking for a way to change our lives for the better, plus something new for a challenge, like all Americans. So we did the "Great American thing" ... we got a couple of friends together that we've been close to for 50 years, a couple of business associates, my Sister, a Cousin, my Mother in law, etc. to chip in. Our son Louis and his family, said he'd take the first 3 years. That time flew buy! Then, Tina and I come down for our turn as Louis went back to spend time with Jamie's folks and put the kids in school and run our U.S. General Contracting Firm for us, as he is also a partner in it.  We even had a new Grandson, Gabriel, born here... a real Honduran Citizen and one of our Dive boats is named "Captain Gabe"!

We have now lived on the Island for quite some time, and it is home to us among this Tropical setting with such wonderful people! As we reflect back, we wonder if Louis had a plan all along to get us out of the USA?
If he did...He sent us to paradise!

He sent us to paradise!
ers to Roatan daily

Throughout the entire adventure of owning and operating the BananaramaDive Beach Front Resort, has come a real heart for the Honduran people and a desire to maintain the reef ecosystem that draws divers and vacationers to Roatan daily.


As I said above, we are now Grandparents to a Honduran Citizen , and  have invested 3 years of our life here on Roatan.  The longer we were here, the more insight we have had into the poverty struggles on the Island. It was a natural progression to work hand in hand with already organized charities on Roatan, and start some of our  own programs to aid local needs. This endeavor has been a joy to us all and has become a big aspect of BananaramaDive Resort. The cleaning staff that works with us, now sells coffee in each of our rooms, which aids in the education of their children. $1 per night, per person, goes to supporting a new Advanced Education K-3 School in the Colonia, the poorest section of Roatan. All proceeds from The Crab Races during our Sunday Night Activities each week, goes toward purchasing milk for newborns of Mother’s who have aids. Many of our guests ask what they can bring to the Island to help in the variety of Roatan endeavors. You can read more about these interests and how you can be involved on our Giving Back page.


Over the years, we too, have seen the need for the Resort to begin " Turning Green ", as we say. To preserve this wonderful tropical paradise, we found the need to take the lead on West Bay Beach and purpose ourselves in Turning Green endeavors. Our now Eco-Friendly Resort, is making great strides and we invite you to be part of it when you stay with BananaramaDive Eco Friendly Resort. By visiting on our Turning Green page, you can see where we are headed and add your own ideas to the mix.


The opening of the Vintage Pearl Restaurant and Wine Cellar has been another successful venture we started at our Resort. The joy of fine dining by our excellent chefs along with the most extensive collection of wines on Roatan to choose from, has not only enriched our lives, but the lives of other American Dreamers and Foreigners alike!


We have come a long way  from that first visit on the Valor Cruise Ship, to welcoming the year 2010 of our BananaramaDive Resort with pride and anticipation of what lies ahead.

We hope that you will join us this year as you too plan your dream vacation in paradise!


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