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Welcome to our Friends of Bananarama Page where you can learn how to couple with us to
Serve the Local Community on Roatan Island.

Families Saludables
(Healthy Families)
Making a Difference in Roatan

Familias Saludables is a nonprofit project that works with children and
families on Roatan with HIV/AIDS. Roatan has the second highest rate of AIDS per capita in the Western Hemisphere. Our parent organization is based in Canada and we have been in Roatan for twelve years. Our primary focus is in reducing the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child. This requires medication before the birth as well as good care of the infant after birth and to replace breast feeding (which can transmit the virus) with infant formula. Formula often costs more than a family's income so we depend on donations of formula to fill the need. Last year the Bananarama crab races supplied almost one third of our baby formula, saving more than twenty babies lives! We are very proud of the success of this program and the mothers who have worked to save their babies as the first years we saw many, many deaths of infants from HIV. Now that is rare. Twelve years the rate of transmission in our program was 48%. It has now been zero for three years.

Families Saludables Bananarama
For those not living with HIV we provide free testing and free condoms. We teach educational seminars in schools, community groups, churches and business. We adjust these as to the client's needs  For families living with HIV/AIDS we provide free medication, clothing, school supplies and uniforms, educational and support programs, microbusiness opportunities, and basic hygiene supplies. We are part of a private school project where many of our children are sponsored where they can receive a bilingual education free of discrimination and prejudices. Every child is fed a free breakfast program to assure they are ready to learn. Guests from Bananarama have made a difference in Roatan by supplying clothing or school supplies brought with them, provided school sponsorship for a child in our program or taken our social responsibility tour, which gives you an opportunity to deliver groceries and other needed items to clients and tour the program.

Simple Ways YOU can help:
All of our services are free. We count on donors to meet the needs of our clients. One hundred percent of donations go to the project. You can help by bringing baby formula (Similac Advanced is our favorite but any powdered formula will be happily accepted) with you or infant or children's clothes (all sizes), school and teaching supplies, or hygiene supplies with you in our luggage or by taking the Social Responsibility Tour (talk to Jane at or supporting the Crab Races ( and having a little fun) on Sunday nights at Bananarama!
Thank you, Valerie Nelson,Director
Bananarama Community Service
Bananarama Communitiy Service
Bananarama Community Service
Escuela Policarpo Galindo is another Friend of Bananarama

To support and assist all children in a quality education, BananaramaDive Resort will add $1 to your nightly room rate. This dollar per night will be donated to Escuala Policarpo Galindo in the poorest community on the Island, Colonia Belfate in Sandy Bay, Roatan Island, Honduras.

To further support this effort, we encourage YOU to participate with us by:
Donating Additional Funds
Bringing School Supplies for the children such as crayons, #2 pencils, colored pencils, writing paper and book bags.

"Tires for Walls"  Program Save the Environment and Save a Home!

Tires for Walls? What is that?
Due to the excessive amount of rain on Roatan, mud slides are a real threat to Families.  Homes are built out of scrap wood and whatever else they can find! Thus, when it rains, sometimes water and mud come poring down the hills and destroys these homes. Entire hills collapse when the ground is completely saturated.

Well, it was hard NOT to notice all the old tires and their smell being burned in the dump! It had to be stopped and the tires put to some other use. That started us thinking about retaining walls constructed out of old tires! The effectiveness is in the stacking method and pattern created. We started the first wall project for one of the men that works for Bananarama. His house needed to be saved from the impending collapse of a mud wall at his home. Plants were planted in the dirt around the tires so the roots could begin help hold the dirt in place as well. Below see the pictures of the project!

As of January 5, 2010 we are happy to report that their home is safe and sound from this years rainy season and is prepared for the next.
Volunteers to help assist and direct the proper lay out of the wall with the Honduran men Volunteers to help assist and direct the proper lay out of the wall with the Honduran men

How YOU can help!
Funds are needed to collect all these old tires and transport them to these hilly, muddy, home sites.
Volunteers to help assist and direct the proper lay out of the wall with the Honduran men.

Volunteers to help assist and direct the proper lay out of the wall with the Honduran men Volunteers to help assist and direct the proper lay out of the wall with the Honduran men
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